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Exalting the Savior, Edifying the saints, Evangelizing the lost.

The church exists to bring glory to its head–Jesus Christ–and this best takes place when believers unite together locally for the purposes of evangelism and edification. These three core values are distinct, but by no means unrelated. When the church is being built up in the Scriptures, it fuels our exaltation of the risen Lord. When the lost are coming to know the saving God of the Bible, He is glorified. Additionally, our posture of worship fuels our teaching and discipleship. It also displays to the world a compelling and powerful vision of the one true God.

This mission is not simply a corporate goal or the mission of church leaders. It is our belief at Christ’s Covenant Church that members of the body of Christ are called to live out these “3 E’s” according to the various gifts and callings they have received. We are all called to take part in God’s great redemptive mission!